About Us

Luxury London Lofts was founded in Kenya in 1958, constructing small apartments and decorating luxurious hotels in the city of Nairobi. Today, we are a successful and well-established company, offering a refined and comprehensive service covering all aspects of design, construction and refurbishment.

We take vast pride in our success and development from all these years, which have enabled us to employ the finest tradesmen and use the highest quality resources to complete projects of all volumes to the most desired finish.

Our exponential growth is largely due to repeat custom; an impressive 71% of clientele returned with new projects in the past decade, a credit to our skills and services and an indication of the confidence that our customers embrace in us. We always ensure that the needs of the customer are not just met but exceeded at every instance; finally presenting the customer with the sight they envisioned. We employ our own direct labour and on the most demanding of projects, conclude the team with a core of specialist subcontractors, where we pride ourselves on achieving rapid completion with our superior finish.

Contemporary living standards today require more space, whether it be in the living room, kitchen or bedrooms; with virtually every home allowed a specific cubic area to extend and with the unfortunate high costs of buying a new property, there has never been a more appropriate time to enlarge your house.
The task of extending is a simple one and your local council will at every major working phase visit and pass the progress. Research has shown that the anxiety and stress of moving house is one of the most stressful events, we are able to keep you in the comfort of your home and extend it around your desires, whether it be a rear, side, loft or even basement extension. Our creative architects can draw your ideas and requirements, supplying our team of professional craftsmen and engineers build them to your satisfaction.
An exciting alternative to relocating is extending your property; it provides the ability to add much needed space, increase the value and all at the advantage of remaining in the comfort of your own home. It’s a complete advantage, with possibly every member of the family able to have their own private room, eliminating room sharing and especially the hideous trend of the bunk beds. Today, we can set you on your way to adding size to your property, not extend the beds!
You can be confident in the safety of the new extension built along with the gas and electrical systems installed as they will meet all the required rules and regulations set by each governing body with certificates issued for each at the end of the project.
We aim to construct your extension using only the most superior quality material and workmanship. We want to give you a home that will be cherished for years to come.

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