Why choose us

With Luxury London Lofts our focal advantage is the development of a detailed project, which makes it sufficient to carry out and control any Project. This is usually carried out in stages:

Discussing the terms of the project with a client. The property owners will have to be as attentive as possible and find enough time to discuss over all the details of the project.

Work on design options, selection of furnishings, design, colours, shapes, and material. If a property is designed in the same style, the development of the concept may be a little easier. But if you expect different interior solutions then it needs more time to combine as detailing and precision is a key factor and may require more time.

Presenting the specifications –such as architectural drawings, schemes, plans, 3d-visualisation with a description of all construction and design elements.

The revision and corrections from a client. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts and wishes about the design – until the project has started, its improvement is much easier.